Risk management and thinking

Norman Marks did a great presentation in Moscow, we are very greatful he shared his ideas with the local risk management community.

Norman Marks on Governance, Risk Management, and Audit

Last week, I was privileged to present what was billed as a “3 hour master class” on World-Class Risk Management to about 200 risk and internal audit leaders in Moscow.

Organized by Alex Sidorenko and the Risk Academy (check out their excellent web page, which includes blogs and a free book on effective risk management), I spoke about a couple of themes from my World-Class Risk Management book:

  • Effective risk management is about far more than a periodic review of a list of risks. It’s about taking the right level of the right risks, especially as we make decisions running the business.
  • The journey to world-class risk management involves understanding and addressing the risks to the quality of the risk information relied upon by decision-makers, executives, and the board.

The Risk Academy web site includes a link where you can see the entire presentation.

Alex treated me to a…

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