Positioning risk management to succeed

Very nice summary by two of the world’s prominent leaders in risk. I will publish a video soon, because I may have an alternative view

Norman Marks on Governance, Risk Management, and Audit

Jim DeLoach of Protiviti is an old friend. We enjoy discussing risk management over a meal, finding that we agree on far more than we disagree. Where we do disagree, it may be more by way of expressing ourselves, or due to our different positions and perspectives (he is a consultant and external advisor to boards and executives whereas I was an executive practitioner, now retired)

His work always, in my experience, merits our careful attention and reflection.

Jim recently wrote Positioning Independent Risk Management to Succeed: 6 Ways to Support the CRO. Here are some excerpts and my comments:

DeLoach: If the board, senior management and operating personnel believe that the CRO is the only person within the organization who is concerned with risk, the game is over before it begins. In these situations, there is a major source of dysfunction lying in the weeds, and it is…

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