Integrate into decision making, integrate into decision making… how do you actually do it?

Quite often people ask me how to better create corporate risk register or departement level operational risk registers or risk management framework documents. My answer is always the same – don’t need one, don’t do it. All of my videos, articles, posts hint at better ways to get the same job done. Ok, fair enough, people don’t get hints.

In this webinar I explicitly address:

  • why you don’t need risk management framework document
  • why you don’t need quarterly risk assessments
  • why you don’t need corporate, enterprise or operational risk registers
  • why 3 lines of defence is a silly concept
  • why you don’t need risk reports most of the time
  • why you don’t  need risk management training in a traditional sense

I finish the webinar by explain how risk management can be integrated into day to day decision making at any level within the organization, making all the documents mentioned above redundant.

And it’s free.


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