Great debate – ERM good or bad?

Mark your calendars. Another great risk management live debate is coming up. This time I am meeting Chris Mandel to argue whether ERM a value-adding concept or yet another consulting bag of tricks? Is this a useful concept that adds value to the decision makers and the organization as a whole, or is it just…… Continue reading Great debate – ERM good or bad?

COSO ERM:2017 vs ISO31000:2018?

Join Alex Sidorenko from RISK-ACADEMY to talk about pros and cons of COSO ERM 2017 and the upcoming ISO31000:2018. Find out why both standard and framework miss a huge opportunity to better integrate into decision making and move away from flawed qualitative tools and what should you do to help your decision makers take informed…… Continue reading COSO ERM:2017 vs ISO31000:2018?

COSO ERM 2017 – full review by Alex Sidorenko (part 1)

It took me many days to finish, but at end I did it. I read the full COSO ERM 2017. Not just skimmed the text, read every page, every word. Here are my thoughts: High level comments COSO ERM 2017 is quite paradoxical. In a sense that, on one side, it is extremely long (257…… Continue reading COSO ERM 2017 – full review by Alex Sidorenko (part 1)

FREE WEBINAR: ISO31000 2018 (draft) vs COSO ERM 2017

Can one of the documents be more useful than the other? And if yes, useful for whom, risk practitioners, regulators, auditors or consultants? Or have both documents failed to account for the actual growth in the risk management maturity and will be looked at with disappointment by risk professionals? Should you, as a risk practitioner,…… Continue reading FREE WEBINAR: ISO31000 2018 (draft) vs COSO ERM 2017

ISO 31000 vs COSO ERM – The Great Debate

In this session, global experts will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of two leading risk management frameworks covering everything from what’s good, what’s bad, what could/should be improved, how to “cherry pick” the best from both, which one is most likely to be favored by regulators globally, and much more. You might even learn a…… Continue reading ISO 31000 vs COSO ERM – The Great Debate

Full feedback on COSO ERM draft

Summary of comments STRUCTURED AND LOGICAL – I believe the content of any document, let alone an international guideline document, should be logically structured, should follow the MECE principle, shouldn’t have any unnecessary repetition or duplication. This was certainly not the case with the current COSO:ERM draft. Note to the authors. While the high level structure Applying the…… Continue reading Full feedback on COSO ERM draft