Gamification in Risk management 2.0

I have recently came across a wonderful article on gamification and has decided to build another risk management game for the next years G31000 risk management conference. We will first pilot it at the largest risk management conference in Russia and then bring it to the global G31000 event. Any ideas on the topic for…… Continue reading Gamification in Risk management 2.0

Using gamification in risk management

Risk Modelling Game 3.0 This game is the result of collaboration between Risk-academy, Palisade, Institute for Strategic Risk Analysis (ISAR) and Deloitte. Together we have created an amazing business game to teach non-financial management and staff how to perform risk modelling on day to day management decisions. You will have to play a role of…… Continue reading Using gamification in risk management

Gamification of Risk Management

Risk management business game 2014 In 2014 I collaborated with EY to develop Russia’s first risk management business game. It was great fun and as a result we created a pretty sophisticated business simulation. Participants were split into teams of 10, each person receiving a game card that describes their role (CEO, CFO, risk manager,…… Continue reading Gamification of Risk Management