Risk managers beware

I recently had a wonderful opportunity to ask a large group of profesionals one simple question – what is risk management? More than 1450 experts from a Russian professional social network (equivalent to Linkedin in Russia) have participated. Most are not risk professionals. The results, I find, are quite amazing:   This is pretty much…… Continue reading Risk managers beware

Using gamification in risk management

Risk Modelling Game 3.0 This game is the result of collaboration between Risk-academy, Palisade, Institute for Strategic Risk Analysis (ISAR) and Deloitte. Together we have created an amazing business game to teach non-financial management and staff how to perform risk modelling on day to day management decisions. You will have to play a role of…… Continue reading Using gamification in risk management

Risk management quick wins

Alex Sidorenko from RISK-ACADEMY talks about risk management quick win – testing management assumptions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGxYi6-kaoM DOWNLOAD THE FREE RISK MANAGEMENT BOOK: https://www.risk-academy.ru/en/download/risk-management-book/ Watch more free risk management videos on http://www.risk-academy.ru/en/risk-management-video/ or subscrive to RISK-ACADEMY youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/alexausrisk

4 steps to integrate risk management into strategic planning

Let me first start by saying integrating risk management into strategic planning is NOT doing a startegic risk assessment or even having a risk conversation at the strategy setting meeting, it is so much more. You will also find it difficult to relate if the objectives have not been defined or documented in your company…… Continue reading 4 steps to integrate risk management into strategic planning